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Spring 2007 - "Out of the Blue" Five Years After:
A New Special Five Year Anniversary Edition of Out of the Blue is set for spring of 2007. The producers of the movie have reunited to completely remaster this award-winning film. [more]

July 2004 - Washington, D.C.: Copies of Out Of The Blue were hand-delivered to 435 members of the U.S. Congress. [more]

June 24 , 2003 - TV Premiere on Sci Fi Channel: Filmmakers James Fox, Tim Coleman and Boris Zubov take an explosive look at the UFO phenomenon in this award-winning, feature-length documentary. [more]

March 2003 - UFO Magazine, UK: A major "5 Star" review of Out Of The Blue is featured in UFO Magazine published in the U.K. [more]

February 22, 2003 - Radio Interview on Strange Days... Indeed: James Fox, the Executive Producer of Out Of The Blue, was interviewed on Saturday night at 9:00pm Eastern Time. [more]

February 21, 2003 - Radio Interview on The Edge: James Fox, the Executive Producer of Out Of The Blue, was interviewed on Friday morning at 1:00am Central Time. You can hear the show from The Edge archives ... [more]

February 7, 2003 - Feature Article in San Francisco Chronicle: On a recent Friday morning, Marin filmmaker James Fox was in New York City trying to do what he calls "some guerrilla marketing." [more]

December 16, 2002 - Strong support from Skeptic Magazine: Skeptic magazine publisher, Michael Shermer, endorses Out of the Blue ... [more]

Nov. 8, 2002 - Clip deal with SCI FI Channel: The producers of Out of the Blue made a deal to license several scenes from their documentary to the SCI FI Channel. [more]

Nov. 6, 2002 - Peter Coyote Narrates Film: A new narration for Out of the Blue was recorded by Emmy Award winning actor Peter Coyote. [more]

July 22nd, 2002 - Preview Screening: The preview screening of Out Of The Blue took place at The Foreign Cinema in San Francisco. [more]

March 9, 2002 - Film Wins Two EBE Awards: Out of the Blue won Best UFO Documentary and People's Choice at the International UFO Congress. [more]